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The facilities at Newstead Cottage Stables have been extended, improved and developed over the years to further contribute to the continuing success of the yard.

Traditional Stableyard

American Barn

There are 32 traditional stables and an American Barn which contains a further 16 stables.

American Barn at Newstead Cottage Stables

Undercover Horse Walker

We have a covered horse walker that can exercise up to six horses at any one time and an all-weather lunge-ring which is a valuable asset particularly for riding the youngsters away.



We have 10 turnout paddocks, which vary in size, and we like to get the horses out when we can, weather permitting.

Turnout Paddocks


We have a four stall horse box and like to travel the horses to the races ourselves whenever possible.

Malcolm Jefferson Racehorse Transport

Access to some of the finest gallops in the country

The Gallops

Langton Wold Gallops are situated a mile away and, open year round, are regarded as some of the finest in the country.

There are two all-weather gallops, one six-furlongs, the other a mile-and-a quarter in addition to several grass gallops. Schooling grounds include six steeplechase fences, two Grand National fences and three flights of hurdles. Starting stalls and trotting rings complete these extensive training grounds.

Our horses are ridden to the gallops and are nicely warmed up by the time they get there. They are walked back via a different route keeping things interesting.

Nautical Twilight Training at the Gallops